An Ibiza Magical Circus for your Ears and Eyes.

Chilly Trippy Dippy, Ibiza psychedelic chillout live show, is the result of a collaboration of Ibiza artists from different disciplines such as music, dance & projected visual arts. A performance that will take you on a multi-sensory fantasy trip…

The Chilly Trippy Dippy core team
The Chilly Trippy Dippy core team consists of
– the dancers Aida Miro, Amanda Orlov and Marta Chandra,
VJ Asteriza
– and the musician PJ Wassermann (composition, production, guitar and vocals).

In cases where a core team meber isn’t available for a booking we have a number of other artists who can jump in.

The clip above has been recorded live in Ibiza’s beautiful garden restaurant Sansara, July 4th 2015. Electronic drumming by Juan dell’Erba, Visuals by the VJ team Nourathar. Filmed by Massimo Aspide and Anita de Austria.

Chilly Trippy Dippy is ready to perform at your event, your wedding, your festival, in your club or at your private party. Please get in touch using the contact form to the right.

PJ Wassermann live guitar chillout is also available in smaller formations:
– only PJ playing guitar and singing to his own backing tracks
– with an additional VJ
– with an additional drummer/percussionist.
More info at PJ Wassermann Live Guitar Chillout.

PJ Wassermann’s psychedelic chillout music
Most of the music in the Chilly Trippy Dippy live show can be found on PJ Wassermann’s CD Space Drone Salad.

PJ Wassermann - Space Drone Salad


Three songs of the live show come from the PJ Wassermann – Triple E album.

PJ Wassermann - Space Drone Salad

Dancer Aida Miro as ‘Fallen Angel’ in New York.