ChillyTrippyDippy is a psychedelic multimedia
live show with PJ Wassermann's guitar and vocals,
trippy visuals, additional musicians and dancers.

New EP "In High Spirits" out now
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ChillyTrippyDippy is a psychedelic multimedia live show with PJ Wassermann’s guitar, vocals and his chilly trippy music. Add far out visuals, additional musicians and dancers: a unique magical circus for your ears and eyes.

Here’s what the music blog “Yeah I know it sucks” writes about ChillyTrippyDippy music:

“If my ears didn’t betray me, ChillyTrippyDippy is one that does well in the sun, on big stages at summery festivals. Feeding thick grooves and channeling Jimi Hendrix kind’s of guitar solos to mesmerize its subdued drug enhanced audience members. Imagine them dancing half naked on a field, or sitting down (on the floor or on other person’s necks). The divvy spacious vibrations can obviously be heard from miles away, the erotic tones might go well with a randomly kissing hookup with a stranger that you just had met thanks to tracing down the clouds of weed. Big music, very chilly, dippy and trippy indeed!

It will be the soundtrack of festival baby making, multiplying the festival goers and doubling the younger age-range at the next festival season.”




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The new ChillyTrippyDippy EP “In High Spirits” contains the tracks
• “In High Spirits”,
• “Erotic Luxury” and
• “Each Moment”.

Composed, performed and produced by PJ Wassermann. Mixed in Ibiza by Lasse Illinton. Additional drums on “In High Spirits” by Juan dell’Erba.

Guitars recorded live at Summer Never Ends Festival 2017 and Return to Paradise 2017.

Full quality audio at BandCamp and Beatport.

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Basically ChillyTrippyDippy is my one-man-show. But I love collaborations. On stage I often play with drummers or percussionists. I enjoy the additional dimension that Asteriza’s visuals add to my shows. And it’s especially inspiring to work with dancers like Aida Miro, Mata Chandra and Amanda Orlov.
ChillyTrippyDippy’s first EP has been mixed on Ibiza by Lasse Illinton, a fantastic Danish mixdown engineer.
It’s nice to get all these talents together…

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