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If you’ve followed my work for a while then you know that I’m a Do It Yourself musician. I have my own label and my own publishing. That’s nice but it also means that I have to do all the promotion work myself, besides my bread jobs, producing new music and trying to have a life somewhere in between.

With Spotify and AppleMusic the music business has changed completely. Now every musician can have worldwide distribution which is just fantastic! But on the other hand there are millions of songs out there to compete with. 10 percent of all songs make 90 percent of all streaming and download. Guess what – of course it’s mainly the songs that are promoted by major music companies with their heavy promotion budgets. So for an independent artist it’s a steep uphill battle.

Of course there’s help out there if you’re ready to pay for it. So there’s a website called SubmitHub that allows the DIY musician to submit his music to the editors of influential music blogs. By paying a little fee to these editors you can make them listen to your music and write a little review. If they don’t write the review then you get your money back.

I tried out SubmitHub and had to find out that none of the 24 music blogs was willing to put my ChillyTrippyDippy music on their blogs. They didn’t like it but actually they sent a lot of compliments. And funny how they contradict each other, like “too minimal” – “a bit too busy”. Weird world. Read by yourself:

“Great sound design and synth work. Super slick energy. Bit too cinematic for the blog.”

“A bit Steve Hillage, which is fine but slightly too much hippy 70s for me”

“i can tell you have put a lot of effort into producing this track but i think the birds at the start should be removed ”

“The track sadly is a bit too experimental and minimal for our personal taste. ”

“Thanks for submitting to Blue Bardot. I quite like this – I mean I love the combination of sounds, I think it’s really successful, and I love the bass that comes in at the one minute mark. But somehow it manages to sound a bit too busy. There is a sound in the background that sound a bit like birds on the beach, and I think with the combination of the ever-present guitar this ends up being just a little bit too overwhelming. keep going! xx”

“Cool artwork and the production is good. I think you have a pretty cool concept here but the music just isn’t that interesting. I would make it more Trippy with influences for older psychedelic stuff. This mix of genres gets a bit weird for me. ”

“Hey pjw, it is indeed trippy… but also kind of a Santana vibe or something. Not really into tripped out guitar stuff like this.”

“Some very cool elements in here, definitely psychedelic and chillout but unfortunately I don’t think this will suit the likes of Dummy.”

“Although we appreciate the song’s exploratory tendencies, we think that its production appears quite overstuffed with additional elements and effects that mostly come out a bit hyperbolic. Still, we recognize the technical skills and the talent the track required. Good luck!”

“i don’t like the seagull sounds in the intro to the track ”

“Thanks for this submission. We weren’t a fan of the use of the guitar on this track”

“Hello there, thanks for sending this song over. Great direction, for Cloudkid sadly too atmospheric and ambient to consider it – best of luck nonetheless! This has a very good sound design and quality execution. Hope you understand. Have a good day! Cheers, Josh”

“This track doesn’t sound appealing to me, these beats are not very interesting”

“There’s a nice chilled flow to the track, but nothing really jumps out at me. And I’m not so into the guitar solo going on. Thanks for sending though ~ Nicola”

“This has a really cool vibe, but no real definition of sections. Would be nice to have some more transitions between sections.”

“I dug the bass on this track but couldn’t quite get into the melody throughout this song. Thanks for sharing, though! ”

“I like the beat, its really experimental. But some sounds in this track aren’t really something for me, i like that you play with different kinds of sounds but in this one i cant really find the melody that hook me.”

If you’ve made it this far: amazing, thanks! And if you have a possibility to write about my music or put it into a Spotify or AppleMusic playlist then please do it. It’s not easy for a DIY musician!

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